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Posted on November 2, 2022
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Addison Central School is seeking a Valley Early Childhood School Principal & PreK - 12 Supervisor of Special Education

Annual Salary: $85,000+ depending on experience

Job Description

Addison Central School is a fiscally sound district and a great place to work with outstanding students, a quality staff and a supportive Board of Education and community. It is located in New York State’s Southern Tier and serves more than 1,000 students in grades PreK-12.  Valley Early Childhood School serves approximately 100 students and 20 staff members.  

REPORTS TO:   Director of Curriculum & Instruction

SUPERVISES:  Pre-K Teachers, Special Education Teachers and Support Staff

JOB GOAL:  To administer all phases of elementary school operation and curricular offerings, as well as staff and student supervision.  Using leadership, supervisory, administrative and management skills, he/she will lead the school to promote the educational development of each student.       

Assists the Director of Curriculum & Instruction in the management of all areas of Special Education, classroom teachers, school social workers, social work interns, school psychologists, paraprofessionals and clerical staff.  Improve student achievement and emotional well-being through providing high quality instruction, support and services through Special education Services.        


The Valley Early School Principal/Supervisor of Special Education will perform the following duties and all other responsibilities as assigned by the Director of Curriculum & Instruction and his/her designee:

  1. The Valley Early School Principal/Supervisor of Special Education will perform the following duties and all other responsibilities as assigned by the Director of Curriculum & Instruction and his/her designee:

  2. Facilitate curricular development and implementation; monitor, articulate and evaluate program process and outcomes to guarantee quality education.
  3. Initiate, design, implement and evaluate student activities consistent with the educational goals for the school district and the school population served.
  4. Implement all aspects of the Annual Professional Performance Review.
  5. Promote the establishment of a productive environment for all district staff and students in order to promote self-actualization, achievement, teamwork, affiliation and a humanistic, encouraging interactive climate in the work place.
  6. Recommend to the Director of Curriculum and Instruction, and work with the other appropriate administrators, in the recruiting, screening, hiring, orienting, training and assigning of the school’s certified and classified personnel to contribute to the selection of the best qualified candidates.
  7. Direct activities of the school’s professional staff in the performance of their duties to ensure a high quality elementary school program.
  8. Appraise, evaluate and counsel the school’s certified and classified staff to translate the school’s educational philosophy, goals and objectives into action terms that directly benefit the student.
  9. Participate in the scheduling and appraisal of itinerant personnel assigned to the school to support the total program.
  10. Remain current regarding changes and developments in the profession, by attending professional meetings, reading professional journals/other publications and discussing problems of mutual interest with others in the field to ensure quality leadership.
  11. Delegate authority to appropriate personnel to assume responsibility for the school in the absence of the principal and guarantee continuity of program and security.
  12. Develop and maintain a program of community relations to encourage community participation in the school.
  13. Interpret the activities and policies of the school to encourage community participation in the school.
  14. Work with the School Business Administrator, Director of Curriculum & Instruction and other central office administrative personnel in regards to the following school needs:  curriculum, personnel, financial/accounting functions, maintenance, security, food service and recreational programs.
  15. Plan and supervise safety emergency procedures that ensure the well-being of the school’s faculty and students.
  16. Supervise the maintenance of accurate records on student progress and attendance for proper educational monitoring, district reporting, and legal requirements.
  17. Prepare and submit the school’s budgetary requests and monitor expenditures of funds in the decentralized budget in order to maintain, control and account for local funds and student activity funds, and to promote the educational goals of the school.
  18. Participate in the district’s administrator meetings, and other district meetings, as required or appropriate.
  19. Prepare such reports as may be required to keep the Superintendent and other appropriate central office personnel informed of all the school’s activities and problems.
  20. Develop and coordinate a system for maintaining appropriate student conduct throughout a building, thus providing an orderly environment conducive to learning.
  21. Direct procedures for student registration, scheduling, orientation, transition, grading and reporting.
  22. Promote effective communication between the school and community to create positive support, understanding and participation for continued school improvement. 
  23. Develop and recognize outstanding employees by monitoring the personal and professional growth of each member.
  24. Assume responsibility for the implementation, communication and observance of all Board of Education policies and administrative procedures by the school’s staff and students in order to meet state statutes and ensure consistent and equitable governance.
  25. Complete all Federal and State reporting, including assessment reports.
  26. Analyze assessment data in order to update curriculum and address student needs in coordination with the Director of Curriculum & Instruction.
  27. Work with the Director of Curriculum & Instruction and other administrators in the assignment, evaluation, transfer or dismissal of staff members.
  28. Assist building principals in the utilization of special services at each building as provided by school psychologists, speech teachers, social workers and other personnel.  
  29. Chair district wide CSE, CPSE and 504 meetings as appropriate.  
  30. Hold and preside over regularly scheduled special education, psychological services and speech providers staff meeting.     
  31. Assist students to understand their abilities, interests, aptitudes, and needs to take advantage of educational and career opportunities.  
  32. Assist students with formulating realistic goals and plans and attaining satisfactory adjustment to school and life.  
  33. Supervise and participate in the external relations of the department, particularly contacts with parents.  
  34. Facilitate the provision of itinerant services for in-district students.  
  35. Assure the delivery of all special education services recommended by the CSE and approved by the Board of Education.  
  36. Secure medical, psychological, social, and educational reports that bear upon students’ educational program and placement.  
  37. Approve referred students to appropriate agencies who may require supportive services as recommended by district psychologists and/or the Committee on Special Education.  
  38. Assure district procedural compliance with Part 200 of the Commissioner’s Regulations regarding special education and maintain current knowledge of procedural changes in such regulations.  
  39. Recommend to the Director of Curriculum & Instruction special service programs that enhance student growth in general and special education.  
  40. Plan, direct, and coordinate a comprehensive plan and integrated district program to identify students in need of remedial and special services.  
  41. Determine, with the transportation office, the busing of students with special services.  
  42. Assist in recruiting and screening applicants for position vacancies and make recommendations for hiring.  
  43. Collaborate on development of the district’s plan for the IDEA 611 grant.  
  44. Ensure ESSA compliance with IDEA.  
  45. Ensure ESSA compliance with 504s.    
  46. Advise the Director of Curriculum & Instruction on recent legislation, current trends and developments in special education services.  
  47. Assist in the preparation of district budget by conferring with principals on pupil personnel services needs within each program and by submitting budgetary requests.  
  48. Attend professional meetings on the local state and national level in an effort to be informed of new developments in the field of pupil personnel and special education services.  
  49. Assume responsibility for the maintenance and control of student records related to special education, including the disposition of records.  
  50. Act as direct liaison to agencies such as BOCES, the Steuben County Department of Social Services, Steuben County Family Court and the State Education Department when it involves an area of pupil personnel services.  
  51. Coordinate state testing student exemptions by informing principals of CSE and reporting categories required by state agencies.  
  52. Work as a team member to develop intervention strategies.  
  53. Provide case management.  
  54. Document actions, recommendations and associated management tracking data for cases.  
  55. Service as liaison and contact link to the school staff, school and community resources for the student and family.  
  56. Determine student eligibility for programs and services.  
  57. Collaborate with teachers, administrators, counselors, social workers, nurses, other school support staff and community partners to secure services.  
  58. Collaborate and coordinate with state coordinators, community service providers and school personnel responsible for the provision of education and related services to homeless children and youth.  
  59. Supervises in coordination with program principals, psychologists, and social worker.  
  60. Serve as a liaison between the student, family, community and school.  
  61. Monitor student progress and make school, community and provider and/or agency referrals.  
  62. Interpret and explain pupil personnel service Programs to parents and community groups and assist the administration in keeping the community informed of new developments, plans and programs.  

Job Qualifications

The successful candidate must possess a comprehensive understanding of building and district-level leadership; be able to work as part of various teams; be flexible and responsive to a variety of student abilities and needs; be a hard-working, industrious, self-starter who is adept with technology and data analysis; be able to build trusting and collaborative relationships with all stakeholders; inspire and motivate staff and students to perform their very best; provide opportunities for continuous improvement; engage parents and the community at the highest level and collaborate with other program-level administrators for the success of all students.

 NY State School Building Leader (SBL) or equivalent is required, while also having School District Leader (SDL) certification is preferred.  Additionally, a minimum of five years of educational experience is required, with experience in both early childhood and special education preferred. 

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