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Posted on May 29, 2024
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1. QUALIFICATIONS: An applicant must satisfy the Berkeley County Board of Education that, if appointed, he or she will comply with the qualification criteria of West Virginia Code §18-4-2 before entering into the duties of superintendent on July 1, 2024. The §18-4-2 electronic link is:

The above-stated statutory qualifications are minimum qualifications. Consideration shall be afforded to applicants who possess qualifications that meet and exceed the minimum requirements for the position.

Berkeley County Board of Education Search Facilitator’s Note: Before applying for the position, an interested applicant having any questions regarding qualifications, including certification criteria established in West Virginia Board of Education Policy
§5202, may wish to contact Robert Hagerman, Executive Director / Office of Office of Certification / West Virginia Department of Education. His preferred contact information is . The telephone number is 304-558-7010.
Additionally, interested applicants should not address inquiries relative to qualifications to the Superintendent Search Facilitator, who is providing superintendent search services to the Berkeley County Board of Education, or to any member or members of the Berkeley County Board of Education or to any Berkeley County Board of Education Central Office Administrative Staff.

After the successful candidate is chosen by the Board, he or she will be required, as a condition of employment, to file with the Board’s President the tuberculosis certifications required by West Virginia Code §18-4-2.
Applicants should not submit these certifications with their application.

2. RESIDENCY: The applicant who is awarded the position must, throughout his or her tenure as superintendent, satisfy the statuary residency requirement for county superintendent, that he or she is a resident of West Virginia and a resident of Berkeley County or a contiguous county in West Virginia at the time of actually entering into the duties of the position. To the extent state statute permits such, the Berkeley County Board of Education states its preference the applicant who is awarded the position reside in Berkeley County.

3. DUTIES: As established by West Virginia §18-4-10, the county superintendent shall “Act as the chief executive officer of the county board as may be delineated in his or her contract or other written agreement with the county board, and, under the direction of the state board, execute all its education policies.” The superintendent shall have all such other duties as specified in (a) West Virginia Code (including, without limitation, W. Va. Code §§ 18-4-10, 18-4-11 and 18-5-25), (b) the policies of the West Virginia Board of Education, and (c) Berkeley County Board of Education policies.

The Superintendent’s duties shall include but in no way be limited to:
1) acting as the chief executive officer of the Board and in that role executing the policies of the Board as well as those mandatory duties required of him or her by State law;
2) reporting promptly to the Board in such manner as it directs whenever any school in the district appears to be failing to meet the standards for improving education established pursuant to W. Va. Code 18-2E-5 as may be amended from time to time and West Virginia State Board of Education Policy 2322 as may be amended from time to time;
3) keeping the Board apprised continuously of any issues that affect the Board or its schools, programs and initiatives by reporting the same to the Board using any appropriate means agreeable to both parties. When practicable, the reports shall be fashioned to include a broad array of data and information that the Board may consult as an aid in making decisions; and
4) other lawful duties as assigned by the Board.

4. TERM OF EMPLOYMENT: A written contract for a period of 1, 2, 3, or 4 year(s), beginning July 1, 2024, shall be issued in accordance with West Virginia Code §18-4-1.

5. SALARY: Negotiable, commensurate upon qualifications and experience.

6. BENEFITS: The Berkeley County Board of Education makes available to all qualifying employees certain benefits. The superintendent may participate and receive these benefits upon the same terms and conditions that apply to other employees. Benefits include medical insurance, free employee optical insurance, free family dental insurance, Flexible Spending Account (FSA), Health Savings Account (HSA), life insurance, liability insurance, paid personal leave, paid sick leave, sick leave bank, unused leave compensation, vacation, Out of School Environment Day Compensation, Social Security, Tax Sheltered Annuity, Workers’ Compensation, Unemployment Compensation and West Virginia retirement. Provision of other benefits will be subject to negotiations with Berkeley County Board of Education before the contract of employment is finalized. 

7. EVALUATION: Evaluation of the county superintendent shall be in accordance with West Virginia Code §18-4-6, West Virginia Board of Education Policy 5309 and any applicable Berkeley County Board of Education policies.


(a) Provide the following documents to the Superintendent Search Facilitator:
(a) A letter expressing interest in the position
(b) Contact information from three references
(c) A current résumé or curriculum vita


¦ Applicants will be notified when documents have been received in electronic format.

(c) DEADLINE: Deadline for receipt of documents relative to the Berkeley County Superintendent Search position is 4:00 p.m., Monday, June 10, 2024. Accordingly, all documents must be received or postmarked by that date. Unless the Berkeley County Board of Education determines otherwise the deadline for submitting superintendent search documents will not be extended.

9. SUPERINTENDENT SEARCH FACILITATOR’S ROLE: The Superintendent Search Facilitator’s role, as determined by the Berkeley County Board of Education in this search and selection process, includes (a) making available, through various venues and formats, information regarding the position vacancy, including how one may apply for the position, (b) gathering of search-process generated information, including letters of reference and related items, for submission to the county board, (c) preparing, for board approval, items to be included in any final contract and, if approved by the board under separate agreement with the Search Facilitator, preparing a contract for the successful applicant/finalist having been appointed by the county board, (d) completing, to the satisfaction of the county board, such other duties, responsibilities and attendant services as may be agreed upon by the Berkeley County Board of Education and the Search Facilitator.
In fulfilling its role, as described in the foregoing paragraph, the Search Facilitator shall strive to remain neutral with respect to the candidacy of any applicant or finalist for the superintendent position. The Search Facilitator will not sponsor or promote any applicant(s), screened applicant(s) or finalist(s)candidate. Nor will the Search Facilitator advocate against any applicant(s), screened applicant(s) or finalist(s). The evaluation of any applicant(s), screened applicant(s) or finalist(s) qualifications is an exclusive function of the Berkeley County Board of Education.

10. CONTACTING OF MEMBERS: As requested by the Board, please refrain from contacting Berkeley County Board of Education Members in context of the selection process.

11. RELEASE OF INFORMATION: The Berkeley County Board of Education is subject to West Virginia’s Freedom of Information Act to the extent such Act may cover these superintendent search processes and procedures. As part of the Application process, each applicant shall acknowledge such in the manner designated by the Superintendent Search Facilitator.

12. NOTICE OF NON-DISCRIMINATION: No person shall be excluded from participation in, be denied the benefits of, or be subjected to discrimination in any educational program, activity, or employment available in any school on the basis of race, color, creed, ances- try, sex, religion, political belief, age, national origin, linguistic and language differences, sexual orientation, gender, gender identity, gender expression, socioeconomic status, height, weight, marital or familial status, disability or veteran status. 

13. DISCLAIMER: The Berkeley County Board of Education has sole authority and discretion to modify particulars relating to the county superintendent search.

14. TIMELINE: It is anticipated that the Berkeley County Board of Education will conduct applicant review and finalists selection the week of June 10, 2024. Please be aware that selected finalists shall make himself/herself available for in-person interviews on Saturday, June 15, 2024.

Primary Location:    Berkeley County Schools
Salary Range:    261 Days
Shift Type:    Full-Time