Intermediate School Special Education Teacher

South Fayette Twp. School District   Mcdonald, PA   Full-time     Education
Posted on January 12, 2023

South Fayette Township School District is seeking an Intermediate School Special Education Teacher Life Skills, Autistic, and Learning Support

REPORTS TO: Principals regarding day-to-day job responsibilities Director of Student Support Services regarding all special education issues (paperwork, procedures, resources, mandates, etc.)

JOB GOALS: To create a differentiated, structured and highly organized special education program and a class environment favorable to learning and personal growth To establish effective rapport with the students To motivate and engage pupils to develop skills and knowledge needed to provide an excellent academic foundation in accordance with each pupils ability To establish effective communicative relationships with parents and guardians To work in cooperative professional groups with colleagues To collect and analyze individual student data to make appropriate instructional decisions

QUALIFICATIONS: 1. Valid Pennsylvania Special Education certificate N-12 or PK-8 2. Valid Pennsylvania Elementary teaching certificate K-6 or PK-4 3. 3.0 or higher QPA 4. Proof of ongoing professional or educational experience 5. Outstanding verbal and written communication skills 6. Experience in utilization of computer/technology literacy-Interactive White Boards, Laptops, iPADS, Apps, etc. 7. Experience in working with students who have life skill and autistic needs 8. Experience in PA Alternate Eligible Content 9. Experience in collecting and analyzing Progress Monitoring Data 10. Experience with the Co-Teaching Model, Inclusion Practices, Differentiation Strategies 11. Experience with Academic, Emotional, Social, and Behavioral interventions 05/03/2022 12. Experience in the use of special education data management software 13. Experience with Universal Design of Learning (UDL)

PERFORMANCE RESPONSIBILITIES: 1. Teaches the academic subject(s) to pupils in accordance to each students IEP, using the approved written curriculum and/or the special education alternative curriculum adopted by the South Fayette Township School District. 2. Develops lesson plans and instructional materials using the Understanding by Design Framework and provides individualized and small group instruction in order to adapt the curriculum to the needs of each pupil in accordance with the students IEP. 3. Encourages students to think independently and express ideas through the utilization of real-world project based learning activities. 4. Writes and revises student IEPs and Positive Behavior Support Plans on an as needed basis but at least on an annual basis. 5. Writes the reevaluation report for special education students. 6. Writes and mails IEP invitation letters and coordinates all IEP revision meetings with parents/guardians and appropriate staff. 7. Writes all NOREPs. 8. Coordinates and attends all IEP meetings. 9. Develops and implements Positive Behavior Support Plans for students on an as needed basis and in accordance to the students IEP. 10. Works with the MDT team and IEP team members to determine appropriate support services for students and works with team members to implement these services. 11. Translates lesson plans into learning experiences/activities so as to best utilize the available time for instruction. 12. Establishes and maintains standards of pupil behavior needed to achieve a functional learning atmosphere in the classroom. 13. Evaluates pupils academic and social growth, keeps appropriate records, and prepares qualitative and quantitative progress reports. 14. Communicates with parents/guardians regularly through conferences, phone calls, emails, progress report and other means to discuss pupils progress and interpret the school program. 15. Identifies pupil needs and cooperates with other professional staff members in assessing and helping pupils solve health, attitude, and learning problems. 16. Demonstrates ability to utilize and integrate technology into the classroom and lesson plans to support students with disabilities through laptop computers, iPADS, Apps, etc. 17. Creates an effective environment for learning through functional and attractive displays, bulletin boards, displays of student work, rules and expectations, etc. 18. Creates relevant and functional learning centers in the core subject areas as well as interest centers to promote student learning through reinforcement of skills and developing independence. 05/03/2022 19. Maintains professional competence through in-service education activities/staff development provided by the district and self-selected professional growth activities. 20. Prepares required budget information that includes requisitioning books and instructional aides; maintains required inventory records. 21. Supervises pupils in out-of-classroom activities during the assigned working day. 22. Administers individual achievement tests to students on a regular basis to help monitor student progress. 23. Participates in curriculum development programs as required. 24. Participates in faculty committees and the sponsorship of pupil activities. 25. Maintains extended school year data collection. 26. Collects and maintains Annual Progress Monitoring data collection quarterly per year to be distributed with each students report card based on the goals/objectives of the IEP and Positive Behavior Support Plan. 27. Runs a fully individualized program with one-to-one instruction. 28. Creates a Master Schedule for the classroom (i.e. Reading, Math, Life Quests, Speech and Language, OT, PT, work schedules, Paraeducators, etc.) 29. Designs individual lesson plans based on the needs of the students. 30. Creates reinforcement and re-teaching activities for each students individual needs. 31. Incorporates Functional Independent Living Skills in each students schedule such as cooking, housekeeping, social skills, recreational skills, health skills, money management, vocational skills, behavior management skills, etc. 32. Responsible for effective communication with regular education staff, related services staff, parents and administration. 33. Oversees paraeducators assigned to the classroom 34. Provides specific classroom training for paraeducators assigned to the classroom. 35. Develops activity schedules for all assigned paraeducators assigned to the classroom 36. Responsible for Medicaid/ACCESS written language in IEPs and forms that need to be signed by all parents who are on the classroom roster 37. Attends department meetings and serves on department committees 38. Performs other job-related responsibilities as per the building principal and/or Director of Pupil Personnel.

TERMS OF EMPLOYMENT: Terms of employment are in accordance with the agreement between the South Fayette Township Board of Education and the South Fayette Education Association.

EVALUATION: Performance of this job will be evaluated by, but not limited to, the Director of Student Support Services and communicated to the Superintendent for review.